Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quaky Cat

As my resident Quaky Cat, Razzy is quite a good indicator of aftershock frequency. He won't come inside for about four hours after a shake. Therefore, the pic above indicates that it's been at least four hours since a decent rumble. Progress! It probably helps that it's damn cold outside, and quite cosy by the fire.

I have some more quake pics for you. The first two show the impact of the 13 June aftershocks, and reinforce the wisdom of all those cordons that are keeping people out of buildings. 

Pic 1: The local cycle shop after the Feb quake:
Pic 2: The cycle shop last Tuesday:
Aftershock = earthquake, right?

There is also further damage to the local church hall. Looks a bit 'deconstructed', doesn't it? Quite angular and maybe even a little bit arty?

The below pic shows what I was talking about in terms of damage being specific to certain types of houses - mostly those with brick walls. Here you see two houses on the hill that are 'completely munted', and yet the two behind them are still occupied and appear to be undamaged (although you can't really tell until you go inside and look for cracks).
In other quake developments, I have some exciting news to share:
They have started pulling down the old supermarket and word on the street (i.e. a nosy call to the New World HQ) suggests that we are getting not only a new supermarket (drooool) but also a spanking new mall. It's beginning to feel like moving to a new city... without the hassle of actually moving. We stay put, the earth moves around us. That's just how we do it over here in Chch.

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