Thursday, June 09, 2011

Next stop, windchimes and bran muffins?

Windchimes, bead curtains, window prisms making rainbows on the walls, bare-feet and vegan bran muffins.  All of these things sprung to mind the instant that the aroma of the Chill Pill mix wafted out of my oil burner. That exact mix of Lavender, Chamomile and Peppermint smells exactly like the house of an earth mothery, greenpeace t-shirted woman that I used to visit often. Actually it was a house bus, worth several hundred thousand dollars, mind you, and let's not mention the other herbal aroma that would undoubtedly cause instant recall of that time in my life.

Sunrise at New Brighton beach on the 1st. Source: The Programmer.

It is amazing how aromas can trigger memories in that way. I remember from Psych 102 that smell is the only sense not routed through the 'directing traffic' centre of the thalamus. As such it affects the brain differently to and more directly than touch, sight, taste and sound. It is supposedly connected to a primitive survival instinct - 'smelling danger'. Right now, I'm not smelling danger, I'm smelling the remnants of peace, love and mung-beans every time I go into my bedroom. Still did not sleep well though... I think that doing yoga right before bed probably isn't the best idea. It makes me too alert. Has anyone else had this experience?  What is the best time to get your stretch on?

There is not much else to report on the fun, food and fitness front, except... bowl pruffin at afternoon tea time. I've jigged up the recipe and will post in on the Sana site in the next few days. It's a goodie.

Just the thing to power up the study.  Speaking of which, I'd better get back on it. There is an awful lot of Nutritional Biochemistry to memorise before my exam on the 16th. At least I can actually draw the structure of an amino acid and a peptide bond. An essential skill I believe, and good party trick(?).

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