Sunday, June 19, 2011

Messing Around

Winter has settled in now, with leafless trees and a sparse looking vege patch. Today it also rained. It is ideal study weather and I should have been holed up by the fire with my head in a toxicology book. That's what I would have been doing if I was a good girl.

However, as I'm clearly deviant, I instead succumbed to an urgent desire to get creative in the kitch. The first mission was a dried fruit and nut slice (ingredients: almonds, dates, dried apricots, prunes, cacao beans, cocoa and a little butter to stick it all together properly). This is nearly as good as a Lara Bar. I believe the secret is to use a lot of dates, even though doing this made me fear for the life of my poor food processor.

Shortly after that, I felt the real need for something salty and crunchy, for example, kale chips.

Massage oil into curly kale and cook on a low heat until crunchy. I used kelp salt on them.

Then I noted the rain and shivery temps outside and decided that it was completely and immediately necessary to go to the mall and buy a new merino top. To my great surprise, I found a really nice one at The House of G

Now that those essential tasks of procrastishopping and procrasticooking are out of the way, I finally feel free to open those books and revise the TDI's, NOAEL's and everything 1080 and ecotoxic. I actually love toxicology. It plays nicely to my concern for the environment, even if I then lie awake at night pondering the future of earth's stressed ecosystems.  One thing at a time; pass the exam then save the planet. Good plan.


  1. Send me your bar recipe, please, please, pretty-please? Mine tasted fab, but fell apart. I used coconut oil - obviously not enough!

  2. I would do that except that I did not actually measure anything. I shall make them again in a few days, with more precision and post that recipe. :)


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