Saturday, June 25, 2011

A little bit rockin'

Hello! Sorry to be AWOL for a few days. Let's just say that the last week of my exams was not exactly calm. We lost a few...

That was Tuesday night's little effort, courtesy of hard partying Mother Earth. About 11pm (when I was sitting in bed, still attempting to cram toxicology principles into my brain), we experienced an unusual and strong aftershock. It was very loud and rumbly, sort of like the approach of an underground jet engine. It hit strongly in a very specific direction, the angle of which shunted the cups off the shelf. Of course.

Once he released his grip on the TV (disclaimer: I have no proof that he leaped to save it, only suspicions..), The Programmer came wandering into the bedroom and we had one of those peculiar conversations that pass between Cantabrians these days:

Him: "Sounded like the Greendale fault to me, it definitely came across the plains" (it was)
Me: "I'd give it a ... 5.2" (it was a 5.3)
Him: "I'm surprised the power is still on" (some were not so lucky)
Me: " mmm hmmm" (already on Facebook, checking out who is freaking and who is chilling..).

That's how attuned we have become. It's like some primal instinct has awoken. We can hear the different sounds between faultlines and can pretty accurately assess depth, distance, richter scale reading and likelihood that the power is out somewhere in town.  As a psychology student, I am impressed and intrigued at the hidden abilities of the mind. As a resident of Quakytown, I'm a bit 'meh' that I had to be personally involved in such a discovery. Needless to say, I do not feel that my exams this year will deliver a string of A+'s. However, I put in a fair effort in exceptionally trying circumstances and last night we had a dinner party and broke out the organic wine and the wii.

Someone was a bit too enthusiastic with the wii-mote while playing wii-tennis and the lightbulb got it in the neck.

It was a great night and just what I needed. I felt so revived this morning that I decided to tackle the HTML involved in adding a navigation bar to the blog. I'm using one of the oldest blog templates that blogger have and so new things have to be added the old fashioned way. The alternative would be to upgrade to a new template, but, oh, the pain of having to re-customise. After four hours of breaking and fixing the blog, and chewing my nails down, I've got the beginnings of a navbar and a feeling of success. Now I just have to link those links (sounds like a song title, doesn't it?) and make it actually do something useful. For now I've just hooked it up to the Sana recipe page, just so there was something less revealing of my status as a programmer than 'insert link here'. :D


  1. Christina5:38 pm

    hope the exam results are good ones! Thinking of you every time we get news of another aftershock...although I cant believe 5.3 is an "aftershock"? That's how it is being reported here anyway!

  2. Thanks, I am a bit nervous about results but I have to just acknowledge that it's been an exceptional semester and perhaps I should not be so hard on myself just now... (?)


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