Sunday, June 26, 2011

It had to happen one day....

Tonight I did something that made me unreasonably nervous. I let someone else organise the Monday orders for Sana Direct.  I am heading overseas for a month and the business has grown up to the point where I have to accept that it actually can function without me. Usually when a core team member goes frisking around the world, we just shut the webstore for a bit. However, with the number of customers we have now, this is no longer a viable option. Our little business is growing up and getting independent and I feel a bit... conflicted about that. Like someone who's baby doesn't really need them anymore.. except in an adolescent crisis, naturally.

I have pulled out all stops to ensure that things run smoothly in my absence. I have a fully documented set of operating procedures.  The order entry and dispatch one is four pages long.  I made sure to add that invoices must be inscribed with a handwritten smiley face and accompanied by an organic lollypop, so let me know if you don't get one and I'll raise hell by Skype.

Instead of hovering, I occupied myself by playing with the new label printer that I bought today:

It's speedy and efficient and much smaller on the desk than the previous monolith. Now I've got SO much more room to fill up with piles of paper! Yay!

The other exciting discovery of the day was.. fishcakes! I know, it's a bog standard easy meal but one that I hardly ever make.  

What's great about fishcakes is that they don't strictly require any terribly perishable ingredients, although you can use fresh fish if you want. Tonight that was such a bonus because I've been so many kinds of crazy-busy that I forgot to defrost anything for dinner and the vege bin was looking a bit depressing.

These fish cakes have:
* One large kumara (sweet potato) - about 300g
* Some kale, scavenged from the patchy winter garden
* About 30g of goats cheese
* Half a massel chicken stock cube
* A large can of organic, imported Alaskan Salmon - pricey, but worth it for my peace of mind since I'm really wary of ocean fish at the moment  (for this we can blame that toxicology paper, oh yes).

I simply steamed the veges, then whirred everything into submission using my food-processor-o-death.  Formed into balls, mine were baked in the oven and The Programmers were fried. Mine came out better. His kind of fell apart: I think the steamed veges were still holding too much water. He still told me it tasted amaaaaazing though. you can't go wrong with feeding men fried, salty stuff.

That's a homemade tartare sauce on the top of mine.

After this has digested, I am planning to turn it into yoga energy. Last night I did a 20 minute David Farmar Baptiste Power Yoga from  David Farmar is an amazing teacher, even on video and I am, at this very moment, downloading the 45 minute version of the class. I love it when he gets all new agey, endorsing the yogi to 'drop your head, your day, and while you're at it, just go ahead and drop your childhood'.  Maybe tonight he will tell us to drop our control freaky behaviour as regards our businesses?  That, I could use some of.

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