Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few little things that keep me going..

This morning it looked impossible, but now I only have the introduction section to write and I'll be finished the final compulsory paper of my degree - just four more to go until I've got my BHlthSci and another four to complete the GradDip in Nutritional Science. After that.. who knows?  Maybe I'll just decide to be an artist instead. ;)

Here are a few things that have helped me maintain momentum when the motivation flagged:

Green tea, courtesy of Mamasana. This loose leaf stuff is seriously good. Did you know that green tea contains theanine?  This is why it gives you a chilled kind of buzz, rather than the edginess that you get from coffee.

Organic Merlot.  I've been promising myself a glass of this once the assignment is done.  Just like every other animal on earth, food reward is a strong motivating factor for humans - especially the one sitting on my chair at my desk right now.

Just Dance II. I bought this yesterday and it's just the thing for those moments of writers block. For those of you that aren't familiar, it is a Wii game where you .. well, dance, to the best of your uncoordinated ability, following the figure on the screen.  The game scores you according to how well you reproduce the moves. I particularly like the Mika song 'Big Girls' and the bollywood duet. The Programmer and I tried that one last night and it was beyond hilarious. 

Speaking of whom, please check out the pics my clever Programmer took this morning. He likes to climb hills on weekends. Apparently it was something like negative 10 degrees up there, hence the icicles!

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  1. Hurrah for merlot! I'm having a (non-organic) cab-merlot at the moment.

    Hang in there, the study torture is almost done.



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