Friday, June 17, 2011

Done like a done thing..

But, guess what? I have another exam tomorrow.  Thank goodness for those Omega 3's that keep my brain functioning. Today's paper was a beast, but there was only one question that made me go.. hmmmm? ('discuss the role of plasmids in DNA cloning'?), and no aftershocks during the exam. Quite a few since then though, just to keep us living on the edge.

I'll remember to take my camera for some around town pics on the way home tomorrow. I did a bit of investigating today. The quake damage is very much a matter of building strength, IMO. There are broken or flattened buildings where the neighbours are still there and still living in their undamaged house. It's quite surreal and hard to grasp if you haven't seen it.

Here are some food pics to keep you amused in the meantime.  The first two are finds at the organic shop:

Inspired by Sara's adventures with vegan condiments, I picked up some alfredo sauce made with nutritional yeast and heaps of B vitamins. Interesting. 

I was impatient and used it on the broccoli tonight. Tasty; yes. Alfredo? No.

Gruff Junction award winning, organic goatsmilk cheese with cumin. Ooo, yeah.

Dinner: Pumpkin frittata with oyster mushrooms, kumara chips and broccoli with said vegan saucy stuff.

Below is a protein pudding I made yesterday. I had no cocoa, so mushed a banana, 2 scoops Sana WPC,  1 egg and 20 grams dark chocolate in the blender, poured it into a bowl and nuked in bursts of 30 seconds until done.  I think it was even better than my usual chocolate one. 

and went really well with some organic yogurt.

Now it's time to engage with my materials. As they like to say in Psychology: "the important thing is to engage with the materials". This sounds, and actually is, way more interesting than "read the textbook". Engage with the materials. Do not procrastinate, do not get a glass of wine, just engage.

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  1. Stop flaunting your banana-wealth! We Aussies are still suffering, you know. ;)

    Best of luck today... Have a well-earned rest and a glass of red tonight.


    P.S. No impersonating me in blog comments. *tsk*


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