Saturday, June 18, 2011

*cin cin*

Well, that's it! The two most worrying exams of the semester are OVER and it's time to open that bottle of Te Hana that I've been hoarding since my birthday party. I have one more exam, but it's only a second year paper and I don't feel too concerned about it.

Today's was that deceptive little thing, called an open book exam. It sounds so easy, but they always make them much shorter, so that actually, you don't really have time to adequately consult your materials anyway. That didn't stop me making sure I had anything and everything that I could possibly need:

It's better to be overprepared.

So far I have not experienced the rush and excitement of an exam aftershock, but apparently the group sitting yesterday afternoon got two. In this sort of situation you have a choice to leave, or to stay with extra time added. Everyone stayed. We are getting tough here, I tell ya. Also, I apologise, but I did not take any pics today. That's because it's raining and also was getting dark by the time I headed home. I clearly wasn't thinking straight. I will take some out and about quaky pics when I have to head back to the exam venue next Thursday.

Now that the exam rush is over, I'm planning on having a relaxing evening and then I've got a few exciting things ahead, including a blog giveaway and, early July, I'm heading back to Europe for hols, work and to see the fam in their natural environment.  That is, assuming there are no further volcanoes about to blow their stack and mess with air traffic. Strange times on planet earth, that's for sure.

Also, strange times in my herbal tea collection.

I think I'm developing a herbal tea habit. You see what happens when you go decaf? You start getting all OCD with the herbals. It's just one thing or another, isn't it?

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