Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Chill Pill

Hello, and welcome to hump day!
(ok, I know that blogger still thinks it's Tuesday, but over here in the land of hobbits, it is actually Wednesday already.. we take great pride in staying a day ahead ;)).

Over the last few days I've been tweaking my attitude dial a little more in the direction of 'zen', rather than cranky/busy/stressed/overwhelmed.  Have you heard of RBT (Rational Behavioural Therapy)? It is basically a fancy name for talking back aggressively to your own bullying thoughts. You know, the ones that hold you to a ridiculous standard and pursue you day and night with all the things you should be doing and all the ways that you are not good enough? 

I've been going back and forth with that craziness since the Feb earthquake, which put me massively behind on business and study. I'm sure it's a common problem with busy Chch peeps. Here is my plan: give those thoughts a damn good RBT slapping and remind them who runs the show here. As if life isn't demanding enough without having Ms. self-criticism always on the internal megaphone. Also (as per previous post), a little less caffeine, a bit more getting organised and, of course, a bit of retail therapy:

This is going in my beside burner.

Today is mostly about structuring a 10,000 word report, which is the final assessment for one of my papers, but I had to get some supplies at the organic shop. The L'A'RA Bar aisle was almost completely depleted, so I had to go with the obviously least popular flavours of carrot cake (intrigued...), lemon and coconut cream. I have no idea why the coconut cream one was left. IMO, it is one of the yummiest.

I also grabbed some Patagonia rye bread. I am not much of a bread muncher, but when I do attack some, it had better be groan-inducingly good. If you are in Christchurch, please check out The Liberty Market on Fitzgerald Ave. for fresh bread. They have an actual French baker there, and he is genius.

The ginger lollies below were an impulse buy. Is that supposed to be Paul Newman as a dragon on the packet? The mind boggles.

In other news, it's always nice to get a dose of the warm fuzzies while browsing the bloggyverse and today Gina over at The Fitnessista announced that she is having a baby! (awwww). So, check that out if you want some sunshine in your (cold, NZ) day. **Congratulations, Gina and Pilot**. I discovered The Fitnessista blog when someone emailed me in a panic that I was being plagiarised by someone that called her man 'The Pilot' (cos' mine is The Programmer). Ummm.. I don't think so.  It's just that my man is a programmer and hers is .. well, a pilot. We probably just share a lack of inventiveness in making up nicknames, not like Katie, who calls her guy Duckfish. How cool.

It makes me wonder why we bother at all. Most people know The Programmer's real name anyway, it's not classified information. One more thing to analyse in my fitness blogger thesis?  The importance of an endearing nickname for your significant other on your fitness blog; crucial or just cute?


  1. You do know that you can set the time stamp for your blog posts to your own time zone?

    In your Dashboard, go to the Settings tab, then click on Formatting and THEN select the appropriate time zone. Yours would be GMT+12. Which, of course, you know.... :)

    Hope the Chill Pill oil does the job and you can smack that bitch of an inner voice so hard she never gets back up.


  2. Coconut Cream Pie is my fave LaraBar! Love it. I've been looking for the new Blueberry Muffin flavor but can't find it anywhere! Boo. :(

  3. Hmm, have not seen Blueberry muffin either. I will ask my friendly organic shop lady. Kek, the chill pill 'might' have worked except that my poor man has a case of rhinitis (= snoring). Even sleeping in the spare room would not have worked. Earplugs finally did the trick.


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