Saturday, May 28, 2011

Your basic foodcam

Today's post is a bit lazy. Foodcam.  I like Foodcam. I have often thought that it might be fun to run a weightloss course where the only thing you had to do was photograph everything you eat, before you eat it, and review the photo's at the end of they day. The reason I think it would work is that it enforces mindfulness and reflection on what you are about to stuff into your face at the crucial moment - right before you eat it.

Maybe I'll work on the idea for my Masters thesis. Surely if someone can get a grant to go chasing heavy metallers all over Auckland, then a bunch of loonies photographing their lunch shouldn't be outside the realm of postgraduate research. Fitness blogging in general is an interesting social phenomenon, worthy of serious academic consideration. IMO. ;) 

So, we have.. something I ate yesterday:

This is the laziest lunch ever - hommous, carrots, some mini rice crackers and two fried eggs with beetroot pickle. It was just what I felt like.

Lunch today - hers:

A small roast from Royal Roasts - we were shopping for undies and other essentials, as you do on the weekend. As I had requested 'no potatoes', but had requested apple sauce, the girl that handed my meal over made sure (before she sauced me) that I was informed about the non-gluten free status of the apple sauce. The two thoughts in my head? 1) that's really forward-thinking service and 2) why is there gluten in the apple sauce?  They must use a thickener. Ewey.


The Programmer got some sticky rice and meat thing that was cooked in a vine leaf and some pork dumplings. After this he also polished off a white chocolate mocha frappe at Theobroma.  The man is bottomless (well, not bottomless; he has a great bottom, but can definitely pack it away, foodwise).

Today, for the first time in.. about six years, I made a microwave pruffin. Something came over me:

This one has:
*2 tbsp Sana protein powder (Vanilla)
*1 tbsp cocoa
*1 banana
*1 egg
Put into a microwave proof bowl (I used a coffee cup)
Nuke - it took about one minute and twenty seconds but I did it in 20 second bursts.

Then I stuffed a square of Green & Blacks 85% dark in the top. Serious yumness.

Tomorrow I have the remaining fam coming en-mass for dinner and am mulling over what to do. It has to be kid friendly so probably roast veges and something with chicken drumsticks. And, for the adults - wine, there will be wine.


  1. Anonymous5:32 pm

    hmmm you could tell your colleague that those heavy metallers keep me up at night. frequently.
    also, that protein muffin looks fabulous. :)

  2. Does Sana really mean healthy?

  3. Yes, have you not heard of "Mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind in a healthy body). Sana is the name of my company. Sana means 'healthy' in Italian (which is why I chose it for my business name) and variations of it mean 'health' or 'healthy' in other languages too - 'sain' (French), 'sano' (Spanish), 'gesund' (German). I'm sure there are also others that I don't know about.


I love to hear from you! Tell me what's in your brain, your heart or your dinner plate :D.