Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well slept ...

It's 1pm already and all I've done today is.. 1) roll out of bed mumbling 'wow, is that the time already?'; 2) remove evidence of last nights assignment and set up for today's one and 3) fix some foodies...

It's.. Rice toast with boiled egg, goats feta and some beetroot chutney, prosciutto, dried apricots, espresso and a few supplements (Omega 3, Niacin, Multi).  That should fuel me up for this afternoons effort, which is:

* Make a solid impact on that Nutritional Biochemistry assignment. It's due Friday, but I'm trying to get it submitted by about 2pm Thursday for reasons that shall become apparent in a minute.

* Yogafy myself.

* Planning meeting with Mum. Again.. all shall be revealed in a sec.

* Eat

* Shop for baby stuff

* My cousins babyshower.  Wooohoooo.  Two of my cousins are currently preggers, which is totally awesome. I just know their babies will be super cute. Hopefully they will let me play with them. Or maybe they will be carefully protecting their offspring from the corrupting influence of their crazy big cousin..? It could go either way..

One of the reasons things have been so nuts around here is that there is a big event next weekend, hence planning meetings and influx of visitors. It's my birthday, a big one, with an 0 at the end (that's all you're getting for the moment). I was in favour of a little celebration, but then I started inviting people, whom surprisingly said 'yes' and now it's all gone out of control

The reason I have to get this assignment done by Thursday is that Kek is turning up from Aussie! I'm so excited to see her; it's been about three years since we last caught up in person.  It's her first time in New Zealand, so of course I'll have to show her the sights - which would be... piles of rubble. 'Well, THAT used to be an awesome church, and THAT used to be a gym, and THAT used to be a row of cute shops'.

OMG, Mamasana just called to remind me that the babyshower starts at 1.30 (!!!). Guess I'd better scrap that plan and hustle my butt into something less skanky.  Note to self: must start using my ipod reminders again...

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  1. Don't worry, the only awesome sight I need to see is your happy face. :D

    Sooooo excited!! 4 more sleeps, eek!


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