Monday, May 30, 2011

Some of my favourite things...

I've spent a lot of time in the last week waving people goodbye at the airport (and battling traffic to get them there!). Today I saw my brother, his lovely partner and The Squishies off. My littlest niece is an airport pro. She understands that when leaving you must attempt to kiss everyone to death. So cute.

Also, thanks so much everyone for the **BIRTHDAY WISHES**. I do seriously love getting older, or maybe it's just that life keeps getting better? It could also be that I'm just too busy to think too hard about the length of my telomeres.

I wanted to introduce you to a kitchen favourite of mine. I have a few essential devices. One is my high-tech Kenwood device-of-everythingness and another is this exceedingly low-tech ceramic garlic crusher, so please take a moment to say 'hello'. It crushes the garlic and squeezes the garlic juices out of it, which flavours cooking with garlicky wonderfulness.

For exemplar, tonight's prawn and pumpkin curry, as below. Can you tell I've been reading waaay too many scientific articles? Tired of saying 'for example', many authors resort to 'as an exemplar' or even 'as a most stirling exemplar'.  I'm telling you, published scientific people with multiple advanced degrees; I'm starting to get the giggles every time I read 'stirling exemplar'. Please cease. It's just not necessary.

Disclaimer: I do realise that sometimes 'exemplar' IS the correct and only word to use, I'm not talking about those times...

To celebrate my new maturity, and because he is secretly worried that I'm going to get empty nest syndrome now that the fam has flown, The Programmer came home with a really pretty bunch of flowers.

Yesterday Mamasana did the same thing. My house is all floral and I've only got one more article to read before I am finished the second to last assignment of the semester and there have been no aftershocks to speak of for days. All is good at Sara HQ.

What I'd like to know: what are your most essential kitchen devices/implements/gadgets?  Please share, even if this means giving away the secret to your culinary successes.  I won't tell.


  1. Oh, oh! I can't live without my super-duper cook's knife. And the trusty steel with which to sharpen it.

    Also, the granite mortar and pestle that's one of the few implements allowed to live on the kitchen bench.

    I would have included "a corkscrew" in my must-haves, but most wine bottles now come with screw caps.

  2. Anonymous8:55 pm

    I am obsessed with my garlic press, too. Except it's in America. I actually miss it!! that's how you know you've got a good tool, if you are sad and frustrated without one!

  3. Hey I think at the moment my fav kitchen implement is the tupperware chopper Grandma gave me for my birthday, so cool great for onion, garlic etc, made great guacamole to have with Nacho wedges yumm


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