Sunday, May 08, 2011


This is one of those weight-related posts that bore me to tears when they turn up on other people's blogs. Which just goes to show that everyone is allowed a little hypocrisy now and then.

I noted last week that since the arrival of the Fam, I've been having some trouble keeping my weight down.  It's been several years since I saw the wrong side of 60kg, but last Sunday I was 59.9, which caused much self-analysis. The thing is, as an ex-chubby, I do have to watch it a little bit when it comes to eating, that's just the way it is, no biggie.  Today, after switching that food-awareness part of my brain back on I'm back at 58.8, which is less.. disturbing. However, I'm well aware now that I can't slip into mindless munching just because the house is suddenly full of swiss chocolate

Not to mention, today my brother-in-law turned up with more irresistible goodies:
Swiss macaroons, delivered by a grinning swiss miss. Who could resist?

You'd have to be made of stone..
Yummy. Let's just call it a 'nearly finished that assignment from hell' treat and move right along now..

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  1. Anonymous3:45 pm

    we all have our weight worries. It's all part of a healthy lifestyle. Plus, there are so much ant-weightloss opinions out there, that it is refreshing to hear someone who is concerned about it, but in a realistic and healthy way.

    Except sometimes, 'roons delivered by a cutie pie are more important ;)


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