Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One of 'those' days.

Today was one of those days when I wished I was Razzy and could just do this all day:
I think it's just been a very hard semester... I'm going to take it easy, cut myself some slack and expect a bit more 'voom' tomorrow.

One thing you might not know about myself and The Programmer is that we are crazed photographers - him more so than me. We have a massive archive of dated photographs dating back from 2002 and there are probably more somewhere from before then that aren't sorted into folders. I can look back on any day and see what one or both of us was doing on that day.

Today I thought it might be fun to see what was happening on 31st May over the last nine years. You may notice some recurring themes...

In 2010. I was at the airport seeing off my sister and Miss J who were moving to Liechtenstein. It was a day of mixed emotions - happy that my sister had found love but sad that I would only see them once or twice a year. In fact, it has been fine. It's a matter of 'less quantity, more quality' (plus trips to Europe.. who could complain?).

In 2009 I appear to be prancing around with a little fairy. We were getting ready for my birthday party, which was a fairy princess theme - naturally.

In 2008 I was .. messing up the house with Miss J, taking photo's of my food (I think it was a low-carb phase) and was six kilograms heavier than I am now.

In 2007, The Programmer was taking pics of a room full of Barbie dolls. Well, everyone has their secret hobby... 

In 2006, Uncle Programmer was clearly being charmed into submission by his not-yet-one year old favourite model.
The filing for 2005 is a bit messy, but it looks like we were at mums place in the country:

In 2004 we were living in York, England and were out for dinner at a pub that I think was called The Alley Cat. A bard serenaded me from below a balcony window.

In 2003 I was recovering from kidney surgery... Oh yeah.. that was fun experience. For about a month I was incapable of doing much except putting on my trackies and walking to the couch and back.

In 2002 I was.. stuffing my face. How surprising.
Well, that was fun! However...

..I've just this minute had some sad news about one of our cats and have to go tell The Programmer, hopefully without bursting into girly tears. More about Zeus tomorrow :(

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  1. The tiara is totally "you". One can never have too much bling.


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