Thursday, May 26, 2011

Failure to deliver..

Today I nearly blew a fuse.. or a gasket or something. Whatever that thing is in your body that goes "ngggggggggggggggrowrrrrrrrrrr" when you are stuck in traffic, today that thing got the best workout of its life. For those of you that have to deal with traffic jams every day, I apologise for my lack of tolerance. I am just not used to it. I live in Christchurch, not Auckland or Melbourne or freaking Austin, Texas (or wherever you live Sara H).

So.. having started the day well with a Zumba session and serious application to my study, I grabbed the Sana orders and headed out the door, it was 2 p.m. I stopped on the way to laugh at Mog, who has developed a habit of sleeping in the salad bowl that I left on the table after the party.

What a nut. 

I grabbed a snack before I left of hummous, carrot sticks and a bit of leftover roast pork for extra proteins:
..and a koko black chocolate of course. I'm rationing myself to one a day.  The hummous was made by Kek and myself right before the party. We had no idea how to do it and didn't really have much at hand except canned chickpeas, a few (not enough!) lemons and kelp salt, but it did work out pretty well, even some smartypants uncle kept loudly enquiring about the lack of Tahini taste... 

That was not at smart-arse, however, as a certain Grandma that insisted on greeting guests with "do you know.. I was a Grandmother at her age!". Thanks Grandma; so much. I believe she had a well deserved hangover the next day.

I  had to make a stop in Papanui before dropping the orders at the Post Shop and there things started to get... aggravating. To summarise, by the time the Post Shop closed at 5.30pm I was still sitting at a standstill, engine off, head in hands, swearing softly to myself and wondering if I'd get home before midnight. After a few desperate texts to The Programmer I managed to deduce that, by some freak series of events, I'd managed to plonk myself in the middle of some earthquake road fix that had been advertised with signage for two weeks. Sigggggh.   What can ya do?  Get out of the car and start chatting to other stranded motorists; Listen to the radio warn you not to try and go down the road you are already stuck on; Remind yourself that being one day late with orders is not worth getting a stress ulcer over; Eat all the peppermints in the car; Enjoy being taunted by cyclists that zoom past the congestion with a look of superiority ... all of that.

Finally I managed a u-turn into hefty traffic (desperate times and being late for dinner demand bold action) and made it home to grilled salmon and vege crisps. 
I think that a short yoga session before bed should get the kinks out and tomorrow, all will be bene. Sana customers, hang in there, you will get your awesome goodies on Monday ;) 


  1. Well, thank GOD you had those mints in the car. Because otherwise, your wasted and mummified body may have been discovered days hence...

    Christchurch traffic really does suck, and I can see how it isn't usually like that. Maybe you'll have sympathy for my daily trip to work now though. :/

    Awesome work on making the KB last this long. You obviously have superhuman powers.

  2. And hehe, your Grandma is so cute. Just like mine used to be - sweet and loving and just a bit naughty and inappropriate.

    I seriously wanted to take her home with me.



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