Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy week.. or?

The last week has been more than insane.  As I'm just briefly in that momento 'tween acupuncture and dinner, I'll post a little pictorial.

There have been:

*Assignments (obviously, but do we want to see pictures of that?)


This is Kek, looking oh-so-fabuloso.  I've had a lot of visitors lately but haven't got the go-ahead to post their good-looking faces on the blog.... yet.  I always get a bit nervous about posting pics of the kids on the net anyway. What do you all think of that? I know some bloggers are very out there and just use it like a private album, but I don't want a dirty old perv' drooling over my cute little nieces and nefs. They can drool over Kek.


*Cake (and unflattering camera angles)

*Other miscellaneous party things

*One trip to the emergency room (Miss J whacked her noggin on the edge of a desk.. four stitches. She was most impressed with the laughing gas they gave her though..)

*Earthquake tourism. We went for a walk close to the red zone.  :-(( Yup, it's going to be a while before there is any sort of functioning city to visit. It was nice to see businesses being inventive, cafes setting up in mobile venues, people running their companies from home.
You can't tell in these photo's but nearly all tall buildings have holes, cracks, bits falling off or are on some sort of lean. The task of fixing everything seems daunting and very, very expensive.

It's still quite beautiful though at this orangey time of year:

*Aftershocks. A few goodies last night. I'm sure this was just to spite Kek. She had been hanging out for at least a little one, but there were no noticeable ones for the whole three days she was here. Last night however....

The title of this post refers to the new habit of Miss J to put '.. or?' after many sentences ('that's a very cute cat.. or?'), accompanied by a raised eyebrow. It took me a while to figure out that she was making a quirky and cute German/English mistake. In German, you quite often say 'oder' (or) after a statement, and it means 'isn't it?/ don't you think? / wouldn't you agree?' 

Yesterday I saw the Liechtensteiners on their way back to Liechtenstein and I'm down to the last two assignments for the semester and then exams. I'm also working on an upcoming WPC promotion. Better get on it.. or?


  1. Damn, those aftershocks have lousy timing. *pouts*

    Christchurch really is very pretty, in spite of the big piles of rubble everywhere. I'm inviting myself back another time (I promise it'll be when you're a lot less busy), and you can show me more.

    It was so good to see you!!!


  2. You girls look incredible! Love your dresses! I would love to come visit someday... yes that would be fabulous! xoxo


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