Saturday, May 14, 2011

Breathe, breathe....

Good morning! (or, evening if you are in the northern hemisphere). Please excuse the disruption to the regular routine. As you may know, blogger went down for more than a day causing complete panic in the bloggyverse and mass migration to wordpress.

As I have my own Programmer and understand that 'these things happen', I'm going to cut them some slack. I was actually feeling pity for the poor bastard that caused it.

Very busy around here, and quite pretty at this time of year.

Today I have to, as they used to say in school, 'apply myself' (or, usually it was 'Sara does not apply herself to projects that do not interest her') and get the last toxicology assignment done. It concentrates on 1080 poison, which is still used in NZ to control possums and rats. I'm finding the research readings to sit rather too firmly on the 'pro' or 'con' side of the fence, even those that are government commissioned. Luckily, for this one, I don't need to form an opinion, just report what I find in existing research. It's going to be another 25 pager, I just know it.

I've been also applying myself to Zumba, every day. It gets the brain going. I just woke up on Thursday feeling kind of perky and like I wanted to do some dancing. I feel the Zumba addiction kicking back in. Hopefully it can eventually replace the caffeine addiction.... (?) That's the plan.

Here are some random pics from the last few days:

I opened my Cyclops organic yogurt and found a spooky design staring back at me. That's new.  

Oh, I get it. It's an EYE. (cyclops.. eye..). Ok, I guess I can deal with that.

On Wednesday, Miss J and I had what she called a 'girls day'. We made cupcakes.
They were.. pretty good for spongebob squarepants premixed cupcakes from a packet. I was in favour of a 'from scratch' experience, but the design on the box was irresistible to a 5.5 year old, and it was her day, so we went with it.
The lollies were a Miss J innovation. Yellow on yellow on yellow. It's food art. 

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  1. Anonymous3:32 pm

    lollies on cupcakes. i must do this soon. if only I had a cupcake pan. drat.


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