Monday, April 11, 2011


Today I have an appointment with the yoga mat, finally. Unfortunately I did something to my back yesterday (perhaps.. helping move a megalithic TV?) and it's super-twinge-y today.  I'm still going to do yoga but will modify - that means pretty much avoiding any sort of full forward bend.

I'm still working on the loooongest assignment I've ever done. It is a lab report (which required an in-home experiment - you may recall the gelatin proliferation a few weeks back), then five 'short' (hahaha) answer questions, and then a 'newspaper column' type article, the states everything again but for the average non-scientific reader. That's a lot of work for a piece that makes up only 20% of the final grade. And the reference materials have been full of sci-speak jargon that makes my eyes cross and my head want to just have a glass of wine instead of try and work out what I'm supposed to be looking at. 

I'd better get back to it, so I'll just leave you with a few piccies of things that have helped me get through life today:

 Tiger balm. ;)
 Yet another omelette
Zing tea. It has two tea bags in there - Mate and Green Tea. A great buzz without the jitters of coffee.

Razzy! He rolls over to listen to my ideas about the lab report, but then just falls asleep right there. 
He is working with unrelenting dedication on the skill of doing absolutely nothing, all the time. 
I think he's nearly mastered it.

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