Friday, April 01, 2011


I have a toxicology assignment that has to be finished and submitted by tomorrow evening, so please excuse the lack of actual words in this post.... I'm all worded out...

I did manage to get out to the organic shop, which is busier than ever because people are getting smart to the fact that supermarket shopping in post-quake times is just a recipe for insanity:

I only needed a few things. Being Friday, Mamasana was coming over for din-dins. She bought the vino. The plastic glow on the bottom right is a bag of mushrooms, which I used to make a mushroom and red wine sauce.

Tomorrow, I've got a little situation to deal with:

Monty has hurt his foot. I've given it two days because cats are really quite good at healing but he doesn't seem to be improving. I've grabbed him for a good squeeze and it's clearly not broken, doesn't seem to have anything in the paw pad, but he won't walk on it. Pfft. This already looks ex-pens-ive....

Also, I am taking ALL the cats next week for FREE MICROCHIPPING. This is courtesy of the SPCA and they are doing it out of the money that was donated after the quake. So THANK YOU BIGTIME to anyone that sent funds. Microchipping is really the best, and sometimes the only, way to reunite pets with their owners in a disaster situation.

Now, I need a few opinions on this one. To harvest or not to harvest, that is the question. The photo is not very well edited, but can you see my shoe to the left? I'm not sure it can get any bigger... but it is an 'American Giant' pumpkin and I have never really seen how big they can get. I know I have some American readers. Does this look fully grown to you?


  1. Hmm. Let it go a bit longer. I'm quite partial to pumpkin soup.



  2. Poor kitty. Hope the paw's all better soon. As for the pumpkin...well, I'd probably just harvest it now! But that's because I'm really bad at waiting.

  3. He seems to have come right, thank goodness! He was zooming about today, as cats do when the weather gets cold. He is still holding it up sometimes, but seems to be improving. *fingers x-d* for a full recovery.


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