Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today I finally tried yoga with weights.  
I used and went with the 20 minute level #1 (Dawnelle) as I'm still being hyper-careful with my spine.  I think it went well - tomorrow will tell for sure. The only things I had to back off on were the forward fold and the reverse warrior, which involves a fairly intensive side bend.  Forward fold I just kept my legs bent to the point where my spine remained in neutral. 

The only possible issue is that you perform down dog and another 'hands on the ground' poses while holding the weights. The York 1.5kg ones do not really give enough clearance to the fingers curled around them. I think it would work with a slightly spongier mat - mine is really thin. In terms of intensity, I certainly felt the burn in my shoulders and I'll stick with it. In a few weeks I hope to have some 'yoga arms' of my very own.

I did my yoga while dinner was cooking, but unfortunately I misjudged the level of the stovetop ring and burned the Moroccan Pork Chops to a black mess while getting my stretch on. :-/  This discovery did somewhat mess with my zen. I had to make a culinary save, getting rid of the worst bits, adding more veges, transferring it all to the oven. It was ... not bad.

The rest of the day has been devoted to catching up the extreme amount of reading necessary for my Community Psychology paper. I found this cool, cost-free tool for making mind-maps, which sped me up a bit. However, just to continue the balance of the day, I was then slowed down by becoming locked in the office.
There is something going on with the door handle and it can't be unlocked.  At least there is a back door so I don't have to climb through the window every time I need to get in.  I did need to climb out of it though, as that other door was also locked. The office back door just goes into the Sana storage area and I usually go in there from the other door to the storage area. Making sense?

While downloading todays pics, I found a few others in the folder that The Programmer must have taken last week. So we have.. Razzy working the camera.
And.. garden.
It's probably a good thing I have those covered boxes or the veges would probably have mounted a Triffid-like global takeover by now.  The whole thing is in for a winter makeover as soon as the rain stops and I figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be either pulling up or planting at this time of year.  I have not a clue.  My gardening is still very much hit (broccoli, silverbeet) and miss (parsnips, carrots). 

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