Saturday, April 09, 2011

Shopping day, study day, that's it...

I did actually start a blog post yesterday, about midnight, while in bed with my laptop, but let's just say that in morning light it doesn't make much sense so I'm exercising my god-given right to fondle the 'delete' key.  Thinking too hard about protein structure is probably scrambling my brain.  I've got a Nutritional Biochemistry assignment due quite literally yesterday.  I've got a four day 'earthquake extension' but considering it's still just random scribblings, I need to put in a solid effort over the weekend. 

That particular paper is part of the graduate program in nutritional science and is additional to my degree. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I added it... perhaps that I would also learn how to extend the day by three or four hours? So that's pretty much my whole plan for the weekend - study and do the groceries with Mamasana. We are going on a mission to the Liberty Market, which we haven't been to since Quake#2 as they are within the cordon. I think it's now ok to go there, worth a try, I need seaweed. ;)

I've also had the supreme honour of being awarded an 'I love your blog' award from a fellow blogette. It requires some sort of action, which I'll figure out later. I think I have to reveal my deepest secrets and eat some chocolate or something..

The pics in this post are taken by The Programmer. He likes to wander in remote places on the weekends with his workmates, who are mostly past 50 and fantastically fit.  For some reason programmers tend to also be into endurance sports like cycling and running. It's not like on TV, where the true geeks are obese, nocturnal, antisocial creatures that don't wash. Nuh-uh. *thinks* - well, ok, I do know one or two like that, but the majority are lean and friendly, I promise.

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