Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last nights Forrest Yoga session, from yogadownload.com, went surprisingly well. I stuck to the 'beginners' version of every asana, paying attention to how my back was responding and avoiding anything painful.  From my limited yoga experience, Forrest Yoga (named after the founder, Ana Forrest) is quite gentle with poses that you hold, rather that a more fast moving yoga like Vinyasa Power-Flow. Believe me, holding certain poses can present as much of a challenge as any other isometric exercise.

Today I started with a coffee date - always an excellent morning kick off. I am making an appearance at university next week and have to present my Photovoice to the class. It contains Māori words and, terrified of dropping a clanger of mispronounciation, I arranged a meeting with my friend Lis who studies Te Reo ('the language'). Thanks to her, I think I'll handle it. 

Then, caff'd up and set free in a shopping mall (wheeee!), it seemed the right time to get some winter shoezies. I found the perfect ones within my price range at 'Hush Puppies'. They were so cute, but unfortunately had some fit issues. I needed a half size, which they didn't have. So I compromised on the ones in the pic. They seemed super comfortable, but after half an hour started pinching in the little toe area on the left.  I think I can stretch them out. I've got a plan that involves hot water and a teatowel. Of course, the shoes I really wanted were at another shop and nearly $400. Maybe next week.... 

Then there was that assignment to finish....

In the end I just handed it over to my lucky lizard and he finished it for me. I hope it's good.

Dinner tonight is in the oven, but I'm going to talk about that tomorrow. It's a bit special and deserves a post of its own.  Yesterdays effort was fish and prawns in a turmeric cream sauce. Anything turmeric is fine by me.  Turmeric has native anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties through it's active ingredient curcumin (not to be confused with cumin, which is a different plant). Turmeric is also one of the few spices that has quite a weight of hard science behind its health claims.
I know.. the pasta plate again...  let's just say it's Italian revision with dinner on it. :D

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