Thursday, April 21, 2011

Schlaft gut?

As you may recall, the plan today was to prepare the house for the arrival of family from Liechtenstein.  I don't know how many of you have visited there, but a common morning greeting is 'Schlaft gut?', which means 'did you sleep well?'. If I'd been asked that this morning I probably would have just resorted to a withering look and then slunk off to a dark corner. Shall I tell you about my night? .. Ok, then.

There were two main issues.  Illness and cats.  Firstly my poor little Programmer has a nasty cold and was coughing and sneezing all night. After getting a face full of sneeze, I constructed a pillow barrier between us, but that didn't stop the second problem.  We locked the catflap so that Monty couldn't get out and mess up his cast in the wet grass. Cats could still get in though, which was problematic.  Apparently the kitchen is quite a drop in centre for the nighttime neighbourhood riff-raff. First there was a little black cat that figured out the flap was locked and started meowing. Smart cat.  So I got up and let her out. Then Mog figured it out and proceeded to try and destroy the flap with his claws. That was a noisy mission. So, I got up and let him out.  THEN we heard the noise of another cat in the kitchen, knocking things off the bench so The Programmer got up, went into the kitchen and encountered a wild stray with attitude. This animal took fright and started running up the walls and bashing itself into anything that looked like a window, including the artwork in our bedroom - which you can imagine was a bit.. stimulating. The poor thing then hid under a chair in the lounge and wouldn't be coerced out. We ended up turning off the lights, leaving the back door open and hiding in the bedroom. Eventually we heard him speed down the hall and OUT to freedom.  So, that was my night. I hope yours was less eventful. Sleep deprivation isn't fun, but morning came, along with a diem to carpe.

Yesterday I finally had enough of the sore back and booked an appointment at the physio. Mostly I just wanted a second opinion about what I'm doing and what's going on with that disc.  So, this morning I trotted off to meet Adrian at Physiomed.
I was pretty impressed when he got online and was able to access my MRI scan from 2008 and lengthy history of mostly self-inflicted back problems. He frowned to himself for a few moments, while making a tut-tut noise (that last bit may have just been imaginary). Then he poked and prodded, had me do a few funky moves and did a bit of massage. Then he gave me the very welcome opinion that I have not, in fact, done serious damage to my spine.  He thinks it is my sacro-iliac joint playing up and that I need to work on controlled movements, including some controlled flexion. I am also to avoid twisting while bending and all heavy lifting. Then he booked me for some accupuncture. I've never had a full session of the needles before and feel a bit.. nervous. That's not until the 2nd of May so there's plenty of time to work it out in my mind (and possibly.. wuss out).

After that I raced off to send the orders and became sidetracked by a half-price sale at Wild South. I need jeans. The last pair I bought were cheap and have done that cheap jeans thing of sagging at the butt. As usual I first selected a pair that were two sizes too big . When the salesperson shoved a pair he thought were the right size under the changing room door, I held them in front of my eyes and said 'no way are these getting on my bod'.  But, they fit perfectly. 

Those of you that have lost significant weight, is this a common problem? Obviously in my head I am significantly larger than in reality. Even after all this time.  I didn't know whether to laugh about it or start questioning my sanity so resorted to stocking up on creme eggs for easter. Caramello are the only ones I like. At about 180 calories each, it's ok to eat two ;)

I got home in time to take delivery of a borrowed bed for Miss J to use while she is here (thank you Jo!) and then to receive a message from my brother-in-law that the travellers have been delayed in Singapore and won't be here until Saturday after all. Which means I DO have that extra day to prep, although I'm not sure how useful The Programmer will be with his cold-germs in tow.  I've already started a vigorously enforced, virus pounding vitamin C and lysine regime, so maybe he'll be a whole lot better tomorrow. Or at least he will pretend to be, just to make me stop. (bwahahaha).

While I was on Skype with bro-in-law I glanced over at the couch and saw an unusual and heartwarming sight - Razzy and Monty curled up together, Monty with his head on Razzy's back. This is unheard of. I noticed earlier that Monty was sticking close with Razzy and I think he is feeling vulnerable not having the use of all his claws. It was very cute, but when I reached for my camera, Razzy thought I was making moves toward the food bowl and got up. I have noticed that in times of stress, such as after earthquakes, the cats do tend to put their differences aside and take comfort in being close together, much like the humans do. No point in arguing about who is the alpha when everyone is facing imminent death, I suppose.
However, even cuteness does not mean I can handle another night of having animals run . my . life. Tonight the catdoor is unlocked.  I've taped a minigrip bag around the cast and that will just have to do. I am the human, I'm supposed to be running this show, I am the dominant species here.. allegedly.

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  1. Oh, absolutely. There are moments when I'll catch a glimpse of a thin, fit woman in a window display or glass supermarket door, and when I realize it is ME, I'm always surprised. I often still think of my body as the one that belongs to the pudgy, binge-eating dieter I used to be. I, too, grab two sizes too big when I shop.


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