Monday, April 25, 2011


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I don't know if it's a belated attack of whatever The Programmer had last week, or whether I've succumbed to being slimed by little children with foreign germies, but I've definitely got a little something going on of a scratchy throat nature.  It's probably the lethal trinity of germs/sleep deprivation and lots of easter sugar that got me.

My plan is just to keep on as best I can and pummel it with VitC and natural anti-virals.  I've also been making a concerted effort today to understand the enzymes involved in the glycolysis phase of glucose metabolism.  That'll scare those bugs away.  It certainly scared Miss J away when I started telling her about it.  I've started working my way through the next Nutritional Biochemistry assignment. I'm still in the 'pain' stage, where it is all just a confusing mess of big words.  

Wait.. what's that I hear?

Yayyyyy!, I've just been 'rescued' from the above (which represents just a fraction of what your body does when extracting energy from food) by the tornado-like return of Miss J from her grandmas.   

Razzy was especially pleased to see her.

Or, at least, he tolerated the usual amount of affection-bordering-on-mauling.

I'm now going to try and get in a yoga session before dinner, which is actually more like a daily three-stage event when family is staying.  That is not a complaint. Sharing a delicious meal with family is one of my favourite things ever, although the cosiness of just the two of us grubbing in front of the TV is also fine.  Good food and good company just go together, like roast lamb and rosemary.. like apple crumble and full cream yogurt.. which is on the cards for dessert tonight.

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