Friday, April 29, 2011

Scones and Bubbly and Kids Yoga?

This morning, before I was even really awake, I fuzzily recall The Programmer mentioning something about the royal wedding tonight and that I should remember to buy some bubbly.  Sometimes I forget that he was born in England. I honestly did not realise that today is the big day. However, as we speak, Sistasana, Mamasana, The Programmer and Miss J (and probably the baby Neff) are glued to our massive TV to watch the proceedings. It's only 8 a.m. over there, I can't imagine what they are watching.  I'm trying to catch up on some study while dinner cooks.. and obviously, taking a little blogging break.

Mamasana turned up with scone mix, cream and jam. I think everyone is feeling their English roots today. Even the Post Shop counter people (of both genders and all races) were wearing fake tiara's.

It's kind of nice to have everyone occupied for a few hours. Although, I've got to admit that having the fam here has not been as disruptive to my study and workout schedule as I thought it would be. The level of mess though? ... is true legend.  Yesterday Miss J had a friend over to visit and in two minutes the house looked like there were 20 children here running amok. In terms of fitness, I was most gobsmacked when Miss J came into the office and asked to borrow my yoga mat.

She then asked me to put on some 'nice' music and got right into it, doing about 15 minutes of flowy Vinyasa style kids yoga. Apparently they learn this at her school. (I snapped a quick pic while she was not looking).

I confess, I was a bit... critical... when I heard that the Liechtenstein kids do not start learning to read until they are seven. However, it seems that they do learn to down dog (which in German is 'something-hund' I didn't quite pick up the last bit when I asked her what the position was called), up dog and cobra.  She also likes to sit in a lotus and ohhhhhm when she feels stressy.  I now feel rather impressed.

Tonight we are doing 'kids yoga' together from I hope it's up to standard. Last night she helped me with my Vinyasa Power-flow and gave me hell about not having my leg straight enough in standing splits. I tried to explain that I'm not five years old anymore, but just got told 'you can do it if you relax, Aunty Sara'.  

Wow, just.. wow.


  1. I have to ask: scone mix? As in not made from scratch? Hmm.

  2. I *would* have made them from scratch, but as I had been mumbling about using a mix of rice flour, tapioca starch and guar as that's all I could find in the cupboard, my sister looked at me sideways and decided there was an easier way. They tasted really, suspiciously good. In that way that only something can that has been developed by a food technologist to hit the yum button with a careful mix of flavour additives...


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