Monday, April 18, 2011

Party Animals

This morning had a strange feeling of 'something's different' about it, and it wasn't lack of aftershocks, that's for sure. I'm not too sharp before the first espresso of the day and it wasn't until I stumbled toward the coffee machine that I realised there had been an incident in the night

What was different was that I had not been tripping over a fat ginger cat from the moment I put my feet on the chilly carpet.  Said ginger was instead still fully asleep on his back, like a beached whale. The bag of catfood - and we buy the 10kg bags - sits on the woodbox, which is the wooden thing on the right of the pic. Some clever cat had obviously tried to unroll the top of the bag for a midnight snack, but lost control and dumped about 7kg of their haul onto the ground.  It must have been a party in there last night. So much for Razzy's diet. I guess we'll just call it a cheat meal and move on.

Having cleaned up the party mess, I headed out to send the orders and do the groceries. After feeling a bit let down by the ingredient list on the earl grey teas at the supermarket (artificial bergamot flavour?  but why for?), I may have squeaked with excitement to discover an organic, biodynamic earl grey from Hampstead Tea at the organic shop. Biodynamics is an interesting certification - it involves such things as using a special type of compost and coordinating the planting and harvesting with the lunar cycle to maximise flavour. Plant oils do move around, so it makes sense to have a system that allows you to harvest when they are concentrated where you want them -say, in the leaves.

When I opened it, an irresistible wave of real bergamot embraced my senses in an aura of wellbeing. It is sooo good and about $3 more expensive than the same quantity of artificially enhanced Twinings. That's ok seeing as it will last me a while.

Of course, I came home with more than just earl grey tea.

This is a pretty typical shopping result - a mix of organic fruit and veg, with some conventional (mushrooms - totally impossible to get organic ones), some dark choc, a few raw bars, lollypops, wine, olive oil, butter, almonds and sea salt with kelp.  I'm upping the seaweed consumption just in case there is stray radiation floating our way since the Japan quake. Kelp contains Iodine, which protects the thyroid from radiation.  I don't think we are being nuked, but the thing is.. if it was happening, is anyone really going to say anything?

There was also some frozen veges, meat and bread which all went straight in the freezer and missed the photo shoot.  Now I'm off to settle that lot into the cupboards then get some more study done before the 4.30pm workout. I'm undecided - yoga or weights, or yoga with weights? Too much choice, I'd better have some chocolate to help me make up my mind.


  1. Morning! Heard there was a tsunami warning this morning after another big aftershock?

    Hope the nerves are holding up.

  2. A TSUNAMI warning? I really should listen to the radio more, thank god there are Aussies like you to let me know about these things! The last big aftershock I was in a plane and then today's 'little' one (4) I was driving and just thought it was a gust of wind. Nerves are holding up, but I'm not sure what my sister, who arrives from overseas on Saturday, will think of it all!


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