Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lunch date

Today I had a very special occasion which involved actually wearing some clothes that were not too studenty - lunch with The Programmer. I do sometimes make an effort to remind him of the slick professional that he fell in love with, even if it requires a deep search of the wardrobe to find my good black pants. I also had a meeting at the bank, but that's beside the point..

We did lunch at a little dutch cafe that is run by a couple from Amsterdam.  The food is amazing, although any attempt at finding a lo-carb or gluten-free anything would be a fail. I took a few pics with my phone. I got the quiche:

which was oh-so full of cheese and made me feel very naughty, but not guilty enough to resist this:
Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a chocolate dipped chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate ganache and marzipan.  I have no words.. except I only ate the corners and let Mr 'hollow-legs' eat the rest. He also destroyed a classic meat pie and an apple tart.
I like to think it's the healthy dinners I cook that allows him to consume a 4000 calorie lunch with no apparent effect on his abs. Of course there is also the fact that he will probably not eat much dinner. He's in tune with his body. I have to go easy at lunch, particularly a massive carbfest like this one, because I'd still be hungry later anyway. I guess it's a case of know thy body.

This afternoon I've got another assignment to finish, then another one in the next four days and then I will be more or less caught up on my study commitment. In the last week I've noticed an increase in energy and ability to focus, which I think means I'm coming out of the earthquake fog. This is good because the next few weeks are kind of crazy with some exciting things ahead. More about that later.


  1. Anonymous8:11 pm

    I have this problem where no matter what dinner is, I never feel to guilty to have dessert. It's nutrients for the soul, I think

  2. I love how you automatically know how many calories were in Jase's lunch.

    That's a rare talent.

  3. I'm a calorie counting savant..

    I think it's true there is a 'dessert stomach'. My niece, when she was learning to talk once said to me 'but my back still has room', when I pointed out that she had just said her tummy was full, but then the icecream turned up. :D


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