Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scone regret syndrome

I woke up this morning feeling kind of bad about having eaten scones, jam and cream at about 10pm last night while distracted by a lively discussion about Princess Beatrice. Doesn't the girl have a stylist? If so, why was she let out of the castle looking like that? The colour was all wrong and the panda eyes just screamed of having just rolled out of bed after a seriously good night out.. with Chelsea Davy, if the latter girls level of grooming was indicative of anything other than a brisk wind. :D Oi, I'm such a bitch today, yes?

I had to do some self-analysis to decide whether my level of self-castigation over the scones was justified. I decided it was not.  I'm still figuring this thing out, you see. Having come from a long history of disordered eating, my emotions are hardwired to feel disgusting if I eat something that could rightly be labeled ridiculously fattening - as a cream-laden, jammy scone most certainly should be.  A couple of scones are not going to sit on my hips forever, however, feeling so bad about it that I console myself with a few more for breakfast this morning may have turned into something ugly. I decided to move on. No time to mope or indulge in excessive navel gazing over a little pile of carbs and fat. Stuff to do.

I've been pretty much cloistered in the office today, reading journal articles about earthquake recovery for university.  Indicators of recovery, the recovery process, what earthquakes do to the minds of the vulnerable... I've been 'head down, bum up' but took a few breaks to play with Miss J, give The Neff a squeeze, do a 20 minute power yoga session and, of course, eat.

My mid afternoon snack was a thick, yummy smoothie with banana, WPC and maca. Yes... that is a dollop of cream on the top. I know.. It was taunting me from the fridge.

Dinner tonight was by special request.  Schnitzels. Sistasana did the honours as she is experienced in proper schnitzel technique, although I'm informed that a proper Liechtenstein schnitzel usually uses pork or turkey for the meat, not prime NZ beef.  

Sorry, the picture is not great. I requested mine sans breadcrumbs, so it's just coated in rice flour then egg.  Then there is a pile of cabbage and some pumpkin fries.  

Well, my eyes are bugging out and I think I'd better get some snoozing in instead of toughing out that last journal article. The very thought of slipping into my bed now is making me do the sleepy smile...

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  1. Anonymous10:48 am

    I'm sorry we could never meet up while I was in Christchurch! It would have been a blast but unfortunately I went internet-less most of the trip. Also, try not to feel guilty! I like to think that poor health choices in the past give you the freedom to make good health choices in the present.


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