Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 'I love this blog' post.

Thanks SOOO much to Sara for this prestigious award. I wish to thank my sponsor, my Nikon D70, my Programmer, the academy and god.  I am supposed to now reveal 7 Things You Don't Know About Me. I found this kind of difficult because I tend to just put it all out there on a daily basis.. no secrets here..

1. I listen to either Italian or German radio all day while working and studying. This is because I'm attempting to master Italian and German, even though opportunities to practice are a little limited.

2. I quite often skip breakfast if I'm not hungry and don't think it's necessarily the most important meal of the day (except if you are a maker of cereal products - then it's crucial that everyone eats breakfast, every day). 
3. My business motto is "DON'T LIE". It's not easy to do. Most businesses require you to lie, which is the reason I'll probably never work in any company where I don't have a level of control. I hate lying and being told to lie or be fired just makes me.. er.. quit. Why is there so much lying? Why, why, why?

4. I have slightly obsessive tendencies which can go either way.  I have to remind myself to try and maintain balance - I do not always have to achieve an A+, and it's ok to eat croissant sometimes.

5. I love to dance and don't do nearly enough of it. When I was 5 I was put in an advanced ballet class but got kicked out for having the talent but not the attitude (i.e. I was too naughty to be a ballerina).

6. I have the four cutest and smartest nieces and nephews IN THE WORLD.  Thinking about being an example for them motivates me even when nothing else does.

7. Um.. um... I got a new TV today?


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  1. Well, for what it's worth, I love this blog too... :)


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