Saturday, April 09, 2011


Ok, I know it's a pasta plate but tonight was all about salads. There is actually an organic lamb chop cooked in moroccan spices under all those delicious veges, but the main even was the greens.. and oranges. The salad was mega:

*Iceberg lettuce
*Fresh mint leaves
*Spring onion
*Finely chopped, roasted macadamia nuts
*Shaved goats cheese with chives
*Homemade mayonnaise

Seeing as I've been sitting on my butt all day, and probably will be for a few hours yet while I unravel the unraveling and re-raveling (?) of collagen proteins, I did not feel the needs for carbs, apart from in the fermented into cab sav form.  :D 

My plan for this Saturday is to finish a bit more studybugging and then curl up and watch 'The Black Swan' on our temporary TV, which is quite mini.  You may recall that our TV decided to commit suicide by faceplant during Quake#2 and we have not yet filed the claim to replace it.  Not that we will be exactly replacing it.  The so-called 'replacement value' isn't going to get anywhere close to the cost of the TV that we have been lusting after for about a year. I think we are going for something very large and flat and definitely HD. One thing is certain - that big boy will be strapped down, secured to the wall, the ceiling and will probably have its own airbags and self-deploying safety net. You just can't be too careful about these things...


  1. Ooh, great minds... I had a similar dinner: marinated BBQ chicken thingies with a huge salad of spinach, capsicum, cucumber, olives and some caramellised balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. And merlot.


    TVs are very cheap here. My son can do a good deal...but smuggling it in my luggage might be tricky. Hmm.

  2. Sara the naughty ballerina!

    Thanks for the great idea re listening to language radio. I am attempting to master portuguese and havent been able to get to lessons for a while and have not been practicing so I'm going to do your trick and listen to a radio station!

    Do you stream them through your 'puter?

  3. I have a thing called a 'squeezebox', which allows me to search internet radio stations. I think you can just go googling though. Most radio stations do live streaming.

  4. Our TV did a faceplant, too! In the first quake, we lost about two wine glasses. In the second quake, we lost about everything EXCEPT two wine glasses! Love the idea about airbags and self-deploying safety net!


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