Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adventure tourism

It's been pretty quiet on the aftershock front since the travelers turned up, but at 10pm last night there were a couple of rumblers. Miss J was nearly asleep on her bed just off the kitchen, and she leaped out of bed, completely awake with sparkly eyes.

"What was that??" she asked me.
"Just a little earthquake" says me.
"Wooooah, that was coooool"

We then went to check on Sistasana, who was in bed with her baby. She had the same wide-eyed look, except with tight lips. I don't think she was feeling the cooolness of it at all. 

Then we all had a round of bedtime tea and gave the sleeping thing another go.

It has hops and valerian in it - just the thing to de-stress. I then also did a late night yoga session (the day had been a leeeeetle bit crazy to that point anyway) and drifted off nicely.

I'm just racin' off to physio, so I'll quickly post a few piccies from yesterday:

Dinner! This is courtesy of Sistasana. I've got to say, it's a bit strange to have someone else in the house doing some cooking and putting my things away in odd places. I found potatoes in the crockery cupboard. NO complaints about the euro inspired food though.

My new favourite coffee:

In my favourite espresso cup:
This is an award winning cup from a superb little roastery within walking distance of sistasana's place in Liechtenstein.  It nearly bankrupted me to buy two with saucers, but the daily experience of not having to hold the handle in a death grip just to stop the cup twisting around is worth it. I guess if I average the cost out over every day of my life until I die, it's not that expensive.

Oops. Laaaaaate. See ya later!

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