Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well, seeing as you asked..

Today was about protein structure. Specifically, I had to turn my kitchen into a lab. It was a CSI to discover which fruits contain enzymes that murder proteins (proteases).
That was stage 1, in which suspicion has been cast on pineapple and, perhaps, kiwifruit. I really wanted to test mango, which I know has a protease enzyme in it, but they are scarce right now. Stage 2 involves further investigation, using heat treatment.

I have to say, while not quite as exciting as a Patricia Cornwell novel, at least it proves I am finally capable of applying myself ** to my Nutritional Bioscience paper. Although we had a fairly substantial aftershock **just then**, they have been quite few and far between today, which helps; as does the fact that I was out of bed and pressing the button on my coffee machine this morning before I felt a back twinge. In a few more days I should be game to try a down dog. If that turns out badly, you'll be the first to know, from my position on the floor.

This weekend I'm working hard on getting a Toxicology assignment out of the way because next week involves some major Sana manufacturing activity. I had a reminder of that at some ridiculous hour this morning, when the doorbell rang and, upon investigation, I discovered a Hadrians Wall of fresh Omega 3 capsules in boxes sitting on my porch. It was a bit twilight zone because, firstly, it's a Saturday and, secondly, does my house look like a factory? (maybe it does.. I don't know). I can't even think how the truck navigated the broken roads around here, but I'm not whinging. I'm just very pleased that they somehow found a way to get the product to me under unusual circumstances. They probably tried to deliver to the factory yesterday, but of course it was closed due to the impromptu public holiday.

So next week we have hot-off-the press Omega's being bagged up (on Thursday they were still drying), WPC hopefully turning up and going into production, Psyllium and Maca. That's all pretty easy once the guys in the factory take over because they are genius. I've just got to make sure they have everything, like the raw materials, the flavourings, silica gels, scoops, bags and labels. You'd be suprised at the logistics of synchronising everything to the right place at the right time. I know I was when I first took responsibility for it. For example, if your gum arabic turns up a week later than everything else because someone put the wrong courier ticket on it, then the whole factory grinds to a halt and people get antsy. It's not ideal.

As for that Toxicology assignment, I had an amusing time today trying to find the website for the American Institute for Cancer Research (, which the textbook had incorrectly noted as - the American Indian Relief Council. Thinking that it must be some combination of a.i.r & c, I tried a few combinations in the browser and happened across: The American Civil Rights Institute (, The International Association for Cryptologic Research (, the Israel Amateur Radio Club ( and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (, which at least was close.

Tomorrow I intend to get back to something approximating health blogging. I did jump on the scales today just to make sure I hadn't blimped out due to excess comfort eating, stress and backpain induced laziness. I haven't. Still mid 57's, which is at least in my comfort zone. Earthquakes may be many undesirable things, but at least they aren't fattening.

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