Monday, March 21, 2011

Video of Christchurch 2011

This is quite long, but the quality is good and if you know Christchurch at all, you will recognise some well-known spots - that is, the ones that still partly resemble their former selves!

It is hard not to notice that the buildings that stayed up are new and ugly, compared to the old and lovely ones that collapsed. ;-/

I have no idea how to HTML the vid down to the correct size for this blog, so please just excuse the somewhat random placement.


  1. so much destruction, and the silence is really eerie...

  2. It is really eerie. I noticed it when I went into town after the boxing day quake. Just quiet.. it's very strange for a city that is usually so pumping with people, music, just the noises of civilisation. The dome at the end is on the Starbucks building, which made me feel nostalgic for having a latte in the square there...


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