Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today involved a lot of running around taking more pictures for my Photovoice project. I'm definitely in favour of combining two 'must do' activities (study+exercise) in this way. Today I was checking on a few community structures, such as parks, pools, churches and community centres.

I was glad to see that Risingholme Community Centre is still up.

Although there were indications of possible muntedness.
I was suprised that I hadn't noticed the state of the Opawa Community Church, which is just around the corner from my house:

And of course, the pool has some issues:
Luckily, while driving around, I got to see lots of this:
And, once I got back to my own little arena of peace, love and vege gardens:
I was fully ready for a banana/cacao/berry/maca/WPC extravaganza smoothie to get me set up for what looks like a long night of study.
My theory on smoothies is: If the straw doesn't stand up on its own, the smoothie is substandard.  It must be thick and tasty, or I am not interested.

About comments:  I've had to turn on comment moderation due to excessive spam comments. Also, if your idea of a comment is to say something non-specific like 'nice post' or 'I love your blog, check out mine', then this will probably be automatically deemed to be spam, even if it's not. Sorry, that's just how it has to be. I really hate advertising that masquerades as friendliness. There are a few things that piss me off consistently and that is one of them. It even pisses me off after a decent chunk of 85% Green and Blacks chocolate, and that's an indication of more than average badness.


  1. Anonymous8:45 pm

    I like thick smoothies too because they remind me of milkshakes! yum I love that combo.

  2. Blog spam, Facebook spam, Twitter spam...HATE!

    And what's up with Blogger lately? It's doing some really mental things with formatting. :/


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