Monday, March 28, 2011

A short post for the non-vegans

Today definitely had strains of 'earthquake affected'.  The main thing I've noticed is that nearly everything takes soooo much longer. 

Driving anywhere takes longer because the roads are rough and quite a few of the major routes are still closed - traffic is insane; shopping or posting stuff takes longer because fewer shops are open and people are beginning to figure out which ones they are. Today I literally stood for 45 minutes in queue at the supermarket and then again at the Post Shop, and let's not even talk about drive time (with a  sadly deficient CD collection). There was no point in feeling huffy, although I did, because everyone was in the same shipwrecked boat. 

Although I tend to feel like the busiest person in the world, I'm sure there were other people waiting that feel just as pressured, and have just as many looming deadlines as I do. It didn't make me feel less twitchy, but it did make me avoid rolling my eyes and sighing loudly too often.

Seeing as I'm now in for a late one to catch up on uni work, it was completely necessary to balance out the day with a delicious dinner:

I made a lamb chop with a red wine mushroom sauce. Very easy and so delicous and decidedly non-vegan in so many ways. You just do thus:
  • *brown the (organic, animal welfare) chops in oil - I always use 50/50 butter and olive oil as my preferred oil mix.
  • *Take the chops out and rest them
  • * Add to the oil some crushed garlic, thyme, rosemary & oregano
  • * Add a cup of red wine and a cup of beef stock
  • * Let that simmer for about a minute
  • * Add some chopped mushrooms
  • * Return the chops to the pan, cover and cook for about 30 minutes, then remove the lid and let it reduce a bit.
  • *Remove the chops, take the pan OFF the heat then stir in some sour cream.
  • *Serve immediately with your veges of choice.
As usual I made enough for three. This is my habit. I then pack one for the freezer. That way I always have ready meals if I'm in a hurry. It's one of my tricks to avoid having to resort to questionable-ingredient takeaways.

The Programmers meal is the one with a big chunk of organic wheat. He needs carbs to maintain his figure.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 pm

    hang in there, I'm sure things will slowly get back to normal. One of the things I've learned from living in New Zealand is "not to have a strict attachment to time." This workaholic American is learning to slow down! I would feel as impatient as you, but it all gets done in the end, doesn't it? :)


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