Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today, having fulfilled the task of getting Vanilla-y by helping mix WPC flavouring, I am scooting around taking pics for my Photovoice powerpoint which is currently running about 30 kinds of late. The university has, fortunately, been very accommodating toward students that have been quake affected. I'm also lucky in that my main campus is 'up North'. The local university is not even open yet and has been farming out their students to whomever can take them.

Me taking pics in Dunedin, 2009
I did take a break to go pick up some fab gear from Kiwistuff. I will be linking to their factory shop, which is currently their only local outlet,  from the Sana site. I hadn't thought much about the difficulties faced by manufacturers that sell through retail outlets. They have stock in damaged shops that has not been paid for, and that they can't get back. As the central city is still off-limits, even to business owners, nobody really knows the situation there and suppliers are well down the food-chain in terms of getting either information or compensation. Kiwistuff have done what seemed like the best option and turned part of their warehouse in Dalziel Place into an outlet shop. I was mooning over the cute kids gear (nothing quite as huggable as a little girl in a pink fleecy top), but my mission was warm tops:
I may lack modelling skills, but you'll have to believe me that it's the warmest thing ever and actually kind of cute, if I wasn't doing it so much injustice with my lack of posing.  Plus, new stuff is always good. Ps. FAUX fur cover on the couch, so don't be turning up with buckets of red paint. The kitties love it.


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