Thursday, March 24, 2011


Have you heard of Photovoice? I hadn't either, until I was required to make one for a paper this semester. It is basically a method of conveying an experience through photos. I think a lot of bloggers do this, some nearly every day.

So here is a little Photovoice about the things in my head today:

I've been thinking about water. So has one of my bloggy friends, Sara, who is also a fledgling Health Scientist geekette (yes, we have the same name and study the same thing, cute huh?).

Yesterday we finally got the hot water cylinder fixed. It was beyond exciting to take a hot shower this morning, in my own bathroom. I am still one of the lucky ones. I can flush my toilet without it backing up. Others on my street can't because most of the underground concrete sewer system has been pulverised by the earths movements. It will take years to fix it all. The parts of the system that work are being diverted into the rivers. The pic above is the river at the end of my street. A riverside walk is a newly 'fragrant' experience these days.

Those that can't flush have other options:

If you see someone walking with a little plastic bag in hand, it does not necessarily mean they have been walking the dog. However, at least if you are caught short while out strolling, just look left or right to locate your nearest portaloo. At least I think that's what they are. There is always the possibility that there is a Dr Who conference in progress.

It's not just toileting that is a problem. Gastroenteritis is enjoying an unwelcome renaissance. Some people (hellooo, Grandma) can't grasp the idea of using boiled water even when you brush your teeth

**personal note**((Or just use the filtered water that I put in your fridge. You don't need to save it for a special occasion)).

I went for another walk to the old supermarket to try and get some pics, but really couldn't get close enough. The road by the supermarket has its own 'fragrant water' problem:

The smell reminds me of Rome, where the sewers vent onto the street. When you walk over those sewers, it smells like St Martins.

I photographed the carpark, but it is hard to really see how crinkled up it is. If you focus on the white lines and consider that they used to be straight and flat, that might give an idea:

I've also been so distracted by recent events that one of my pumpkins is taking its chance to dominate the world. It's huge. I tried to get Miranda to sit on it for perspective, but she just snitched at me, stalked off a few paces then proceeded to give me the 'cat hex eye' for trying to make a fool of her.

Ok then, it looks like smoothie o'clock. This one has some 'Easi-yo' yogurt powder in it, just to see what happens. It looks like a cheek workout, this one. Consistency of concrete. I will build muscles that make me look like a chipmunk.


  1. I'm just glad the internet doesn't have smell-o-vision.

  2. Just found your blog yesterday but am LOVING it. Thanks so much for bringing a few smiles. Love your style; keep it up.


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