Monday, March 07, 2011

Oopsies, is THAT the time?

Today I intended to write a post about all these people that seem intent on telling us that another catastrophic quake is just around the corner.. however.. I must confess that the day has run away on me like a bolting horse and now it's late and my wee eyes are, as we say in NZ, 'tired as'.

The day started rather fabulously (hear the sarcasm?) when I headed off on my pilgrimage to the Post Shop and, once there, discovered that a bag of Ascorbic Acid had bust a seam and exploded over all the other orders. I don't know why it did that, but on close inspection it looks like I accidentally skewered the seam on the stick of one of the lollypops that we like to give away (they are vitamin C enhanced ones.. almost healthy).

It was such a moment when I opened my box and a cloud of ascorbic acid puffed out, all over the bags I was about to pack things into. So then I had to stand in the enormous queue to buy the bags, even though I couldn't send anything. Luckily my mood is improving or I just might have had a toddler style tantrum, right there, in public.

I then finally logged into my uni courses and immediately started to have palpitations at the amount of work I have to do ;-/ It's just a matter of organisation, I keep telling myself. No point in getting in a tizz about it. I always feel overwhelmed at the start of the year, and this year has had additional challenges thrown in, just to keep me sharp. This semester I am doing two community based papers - Community Psychology and Health of Communities. I intend to base my research paper around the impact of the quakes on community resources, particularly those that affect health and fitness - you can be sure I'll be mentioning my supermarket (*sniffffff*).

My other two papers for semester one are Nutritional Biochemistry, which has a massive assignment involving playing around with gelatin, and 'Toxins, Human Health and the Environment', which is already enhancing my toxin-related paranoia. Did you know that celery contains a substance that makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays? Yes, Celery. Is nothing sacred?

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