Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today I headed off to the mall with The Programmer - he needed work pants and I need to get over my mall fear.  I can't imagine anything worse than being in a crowded mall when a massive aftershock hits. You'd be trampled by bazillions of frappuccino-drinking teenage girls loaded with Supre bags and wearing short-shorts, which are obviously the teenage uniform these days.

I stopped in at Rebel Sport to make a purchase which caused The Programmer to raise an eyebrow and ask if I wouldn't prefer them in pink:

I have a thing for yoga these days and want to try yoga-with-weights. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't do it with 4kg in each hand, which is the smallest size I have in my collection. I also checked the Wii store for Just Dance II but they didn't have it. Has anyone tried it? I'm very over Wii-Fit. The problem is all the bloody fluffing around between exercises and the inability to string exercises together in multiple sets to make a real workout. I can't stand having to press 'A' three or four times between sets, and it really breaks the zen of a yoga workout to be told after every pose that you should do a little bit of yoga every day for best results. There is no way to bypass the between exercise waffling, and it makes me a little crazy. 

After all that Mall-ercise I needed a snack. It was one of those that make people say things like 'you eat some very weird stuff, Sara':

Dried plums, raw cacao beans and my Omega 3 ration. I read yesterday a theory that eating antioxidant rich foods with your Omega 3's is a good idea as they are quite fragile and the polyphenols protect them in your insides. I haven't had a chance to research it fully yet, but I'm willing to give it a try anyway. Why not? If I'm going to be looked at sideways for eating weird food, I'd might as well pull out a scientific theory to back my case. Nobody can argue with something that sounds incomprehensible.


  1. Weird food? What on earth is weird about that? Looks perfectly normal to me.

  2. Hey there!! Just read your comment and thought I had better check you out.

    I used to live in Christchurch, my husband works there, but we now live out in North Loburn, on SOLID ground. LOL.

    I love that you have gone back to uni, I have wanted to go do Clinical Psych for ages but have this nag in the back of my subconcious mind that makes me want to finish my Naturopathy which I started years ago. I have done a number of nutrition papers and I would love to intergrate the naturopathy and some psychology as I think it's the key to overcoming a lot of health issues....

    Pleasure meeting you...


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