Friday, March 18, 2011


Today was the memorial service for Quake#2 victims - a community gathering with good music from Dave Dobbyn, a religious service and some uplifting words from Prince Willy, whom I've heard did a good job and passed on the wishes of his grandma. I didn't go, and I don't know anyone that did.

I want to tread carefully here, because obviously for some, the service was a good way to connect with others, unwind, enjoy a 'one-off' public holiday and remember those that were lost, not necessarily in that order. I'm sure that many attendees were boosted by the sense of community and by a chance to view the handsomest, and seemingly most clued up, prince that has emerged from the royal loins in centuries. Undoubtedly, he was able to empathise from personal experience with those that had lost family members so suddenly. All of this is good. For others, however, the event seemed like - as stated eloquently by a friend - a 'bad case of premature memorialisation'. People really are feeling a bit conflicted about it. There are still unidentified bodies, people without homes and many more living in squalour. And yet, here we are diverting enormous resources into a big gathering that is supposed to signal the beginning of 'putting it behind us'... ?

To me, it feels too soon. A community day, sure. Or a 'we will overcome' day. But, a memorial? It's hard to reflect on something that is not yet in the rear view mirror. Or perhaps it's just personal. It's me, not you. I don't feel like going out and socialising. I've become attached to my own space. I'm not ready to process it yet. Besides which, I'm not alone in having stuff to do before normality is restored. As a business person, I've been dealing today with struggling manufacturers who aren't yet functional enough to take a break anyway, which seems a bit unfair. Also, although they don't begrudge their staff the day off and/or additional wages, most feel that they didn't need a public holiday thrust upon them just now. I guess it works for some, and not others. I made it work for me by staying home, catching up on business work and uni readings, and making a healthy kind of superfood fudge (pic at the top of this post). I watched an episode of Nigella's Kitchen a few weeks ago and she said something like "shopping and cooking gives me enormous succour". Of course. I could have said that myself and meant every word - apart from succour, which I can't say while keeping a straight face, either on myself or on anyone listening.

It started with an almond butter expedition. Then I removed half the nut butter, to be reserved for usual nut butter purposes, and threw anything within easy reach into the mill attachment of the processor. Various dried fruits, cacao beans and maca powder (both here on my superfood page - please excuse shameless product placement) come to mind. There may have been some Lindt 90% too.. allegedly. Once that concoction was minced, I added it to the nut butter along with some raw honey and cocoa powder to bind it. The stiff mixture, which made my processor groan and start to heat up, got pressed into the bottom of a silicone loaf tin, scored into squares and popped in the freezer. I just keep this type of fudge in the freezer and either eat it frozen (it doesn't get really hard) or let it warm a bit in the fridge before scarfing it.

The two in the pic are the only pieces left. I wonder how that happened? Someone must have burgled my freezer. It's the only reasonable explanation. Fudge burglers are a terrible problem in my area. The council should do something about it as an immediate priority once the roads and sewers are fixed..


  1. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Everyone processes things like tragedy's, events, death etc differently. I can understand how you feel Sara - Good perspective & article.

  2. Uh.. perhaps "fudge burglar" is an unfortunate choice of expression. Or perhaps it's just my lewd mind.

    *ahem* Anyway. Not that I'm personally involved, but I completely agree with your view. A memorial service usually signals closure and the beginning of moving on, but there's too much unfinished business in this case.

    If I could send you a team of super plumbers and construction workers, I would. How about some chocolate instead?


  3. really, what's rude about 'FUDGE BURGLAR'? You must be way more naughty than me... ;)


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