Friday, March 25, 2011

Doing it my way..

One thing, possibly the one thing that I've learned on my journey down and up and down the scale is the absolute necessity of doing what works for me today. Not some theoretical me that isn't in disaster recovery mode and can keep a rational schedule, but the real me that is running a business in post-earthquake conditions, studying and trying to keep my house looking like something less than the origin of chaos theory.
Although I value the 'me time' that a training session offers, I don't give it away entirely if life has other plans, or I just really, really can't face the workout process - it's mostly the changing clothes thing which just seems like unnecessary effort sometimes (the real me now and then suffers an attack of the post-earthquake blah's). 

I don't know if you have tried this, but hanging out the washing can be a surprisingly effective lower body workout. That's what I did yesterday; this morning my butt and thighs tell me that they noted the effort. It's a matter of technique:

* Picking socks and undies out of the basket = Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
* Picking up towels = Bodyweight Squat (you can hold for 30 seconds to get 'the burn')
* Picking up everything else = Lunge
Then you walking lunge the basket back to the house.

Naturally, those walking lunges slowed me down a bit as I passed the garden and I tried not to stress about its currently overly-wildcrafted state. I am not much of a fan of cauliflower, except in a curry, but it's still very satisfying to achieve cruciferous vegetable growing success.
The weather is beginning to cool down as we head into Autumn, but today was a sunny one. I found Miranda on the front porch, minding her complexion by sleeping in my car cover. I didn't see her there until she moved and, calm and collected, I squealed and jumped sideways in case it was a massive bug making the thing rustle.
Tonight, being Friday, I am ready for an organic merlot, a visit from Mamasana and a Skype call with my niece in Liechtenstein. It's so cute the way she is losing her 'the' - as in 'today I went to da forest with my class, we saw dee animals'.  She had something important to ask me the other night. She wanted to know if when I had a little brother, did he cry a lot? I think the novelty of big sisterhood may be fading. 

She also asked me if we might have some aftershocks when she visits. I said 'maybe some little ones'. Reply: 'but no big ones?' (disappointed look). I think she feels she has missed out on all the excitement. Surely five years old is too soon to have thrill issues?


  1. Try cauliflower mash with brown butter. It has some kind of nuts in it too. Can't remember what kind now... I'll ferret out the recipe and send it to you.

    Also cooked in olive oil, garlic and cumin and served with yoghurt, lemon juice and ..stuff. Will have to find that one too. Finger-licking good.

  2. I love your cauliflower! I've never tried to grow cauliflower before, but yours is lovely!

  3. You are an excellent writer. I love your hanging laundry workout! And you're right- ya gotta do what works for you TODAY. xoxoxoxoxox


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