Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and.. go!

Today I am making a real effort to put that 'can't be bothered' feeling to the side and inflict serious domination on my Toxicology assignment. So far, so good. It helps that things are underway and running smoothly at the factory.  We had a last minute glitch with mixing the flavouring for the WPC because someone had forgotten to pick up the citric acid. 

Ooops. *looks sheepish*

What can I say? It's not like I have P.A. or anything...  *looks sideways*

Having dealt with that little 'oversight', I'm finally free to concentrate on things academic. To get my brain into the correct mode I have logged on to Soundcloud to see what my old music school buddy Dylan has been up to. Lots of good stuff, by the looks of it. You really should check it out. For some reason, his type of music just works for making the A happen, maybe even an A+, now and then.

Lacking pics for todays post I went into our massive photograph archive to see what we were taking pics of a year ago. It seems that The Programmer was going through a landscape phase. The first pic is quite poignant because many buildings you see there no longer exist. And of course, nobody can swim on the beach now because of the pollution. These are pictures of Christchurch Past - March 2010.

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