Friday, February 25, 2011

Non-Traumatising Earthquake Pics

The net is full of earthquake photographs, most of which make you want to cry. Rather than traumatise you all further with more pictures of destruction and despair, I thought I'd put up some that are more on the mild side.

This is the water bladder I was writing about yesterday. People that are giving money, this sort of thing is just one small, but very important, example of where it is going. I saw hundreds of people carrying these around. Although water supply is slowly being restored, it is quite random - they must turn it on and off to see where the leaks are, fix the leaks, see where the leaks are... you get the picture. Also, the majority still do not have running water. This holds 20 litres.

The night of the earthquake, it rained. Having determined that catching water in pots was not going to result in more than a few hundred mls, we invented a water-catching thingy which did actually work quite well, forming a shallow pool of about 3 litres in volume. However, the next morning I found one of the cats standing it in, four muddy feet in the water, pouncing on the tarp. We still used the water for washing ourselves and doing some minimal laundry - socks and undies, you never have enough semi-clean ones.
We have been told not to flush for the forseeable future, as 80% of the sewer system is damaged. I was quite happy to just dig a hole or use a bucket, but noooo. The Programmer deemed this an unacceptable lowering of standards and, I think frustrated by the lack of any work to do, pulled out his kiwi ingenuity and created an outhouse. It even has a weedmat 'door' that can be pulled across to protect my modesty. I'm pretty sure, however, that if a friendly neighbour did lean over the fence, which is about 6 ft high in this part of the garden, and saw my naked butt, it would be far scarier for them than for me.
People have been asking about damage to our house. Honestly, our house is a marvel. There is only one worry and that is the area where the inside part of the old brick chimney is. The outside part was removed following Quake#1 as it was all loose and about to fall off. The inside part has been decently shaken and there is basically no mortar left to hold the thing together and it is leaning on the interior wall. When the aftershocks hit (about one an hour right now), you can hear the loose bricks squeaking against the wall, which unfortunately is right over The Programmers favourite programming chair. He is working from home for the forseeable future and of course prefers to locate himself in a place where he is in danger of being clonked by bricks breaking through the wall....
He will be getting in there to remove them as soon as the aftershocks die down enough to make that a safe endeavour.
Apart from that we have minor damage like this plug that got smashed by a falling speaker.
A few exterior bits are falling off, mostly decorative. Most of the drainage pipes came off the house in Quake#1 and we hadn't gotten around to putting them back up yet anyway.
Yesterday I was contemplating the logistics of washing my mop using a cup and bucket and decided instead that it would be easier to just let The Programmer at me with a pair of scissors. I think he did a decent job, although it was a bit worrying, all that snipping and saying 'oh dear.. ooops, oh dear (snip, snip)'. He lopped about a foot from my crowning glory. 'Scuse webcam pic, it never hits a flattering angle.
Will update again later tonight.

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  1. The Programmer is a man of many talents. :)

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