Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My poor wee city, part 2 - pics

You can click on the pic to get a bigger, better quality version. I'm sure everyone knew that, however, I just figured it out myself..
Cathedral Square. This is the fall that nearly clobbered a tourist.

Manchester Street. Sullivans Bar, where my sister met her husband. They are closed for inspection.
City Mall, closed off on December 27th. Xmas trees but no xmas shoppers..
Base. Beloved hangout of backpackers and Salsa Dancers. Closed indefinitely. Also Tandoori Palace at the lower level.
If you need scaffolding, why not get arty about it? Octagon Restaurant, near the square.
This is where Alvarado's used to be. That picture on the sign had better not be the piece of ugliness that is going to replace it, but it probably is. I may just be biased because the old building was fab.
The entire side of this church is held up by this piece of metal.
The building beside the previous one (above) is also falling down. 'Danger Wall Unstable'
The church where my Grandparents married. It looks fixable.
Manchester Street. This is new damage from the boxing day aftershocks. A piece of building fell onto that lamppost and knocked it to a jaunty angle.
At least one of my favourite buildings in town appears undamaged. Cnr High and Manchester.
Civil defense people busy on their christmas holidays. Inspecting and evaluating.
Manchester Courts demolition in progress. Very sad. Not worth saving, apparently..
Civil defense guys having a veery animated conversation.


  1. Sad to see, but it can (mostly) be rebuilt. At least you're all safe.


    P.S. The ANZ loved their grand buildings in previous centuries, didn't they? Next time you come over, be sure to check out their gothic building in Collins St.

  2. Note: Every building in this post is now demolished except the first one. All were badly damaged in the earthquake of Feb 22nd 2011.


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