Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy New Year, everyone! Here is 2011, and it is going to be fabulous. I hope you all partied like it's 2999. Here is how my NYE went down.

Late afternoon I went for a walk at Taylors Mistake with some cute guy that I found in my lounge ;) It was a tad tricky to get a pic using the self-timer with the wind and grass and all, but we did our best, please 'scuse lack of focus, the camera is perched in a bush. Taylors Mistake is a name apparently earned by virtue of the fact that many ships in the past mistook the bay for Lyttelton harbour. Maybe one of the captains was called Taylor? Nobody knows for sure whether this is legend or history.

It is a nice place for some year-end reflection, and to appreciate the ease at which we can access these areas of natural beauty in New Zealand. It's a bit dry right now, due to the fact that our xmas is in the middle of summer. We still put fake snow on the tree though, and roast up a large bird.
Later we had a few drinks and headed in to Cathedral Square to party with the locals. As the event was alcohol-free, this did seem to put a cap on most of the idiotic drunken behaviour, however, it did not stop human stupidity completely. Someone was throwing lit firecrackers - the sort that is supposed to stay on the ground and spin while spitting out sparks. The lady next to me got her eyebrow singed. The band was great though. I think they are called 'Studio 54'. They have a massive ensemble, at least 9 people on stage, maybe more.

At midnight, everyone jumped around and kissed and hugged, as you do. Someone threw firecrackers.

Then there was a fab spectacle of Fireworks from the top of the Grant Thornton building, however by that stage I was getting a bit distracted by being on constant alert for the next airborne firecracker weapon, so we made our escape as soon as the display was over.
Of course, on the way back to the car we had the pleasure to tramp through several piles of vomit and bounce off numerous intoxicated bodies, which is to be expected when people are out to have an awesome time. What I don't understand is the new trend for girls (of all sizes) to wear garments that do actually allow ones butt cheeks to peek out from under the 'dress'. The Programmer pointed out to me that I'd obviously let the trend slip under my fashion radar and was therefore completely inappropriately dressed for a night on the town - i.e. my butt cheeks were where I like them; that is, in my jeans, not out there giving someone a sight they can't just un-see.

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  1. Happy 2011 Sara :) Would love to see you in Aust again this year xoxo


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