Friday, November 26, 2010


Due to a slight oversight, the Sana Direct website was temporarily down this morning, so if you tried to access it, or send an email you might have thought we had vanised. Not so, we simply accidentally forgot to renew the domain. ;-/ Sorry about that; in future I shall program a reminder into my ipod. How embarrassing...

Apart from that, the day started well, with a 7am delivery of the yummy things from Annies that will make up our xmas giveaway. Every order in December will go into a draw to win one of two xmas packs, each containing a matured christmas pud, some chocolate covered fruit bits and a box of Annies dried fruit bars (no sugar added!).

I'll make the draw at 5pm on the 22nd to hopefully get the goods to the winners by christmas day.

I put up my christmas tree a few days ago. It's not exactly huge - it's about 3 foot high and it made of fibre-optic cables that change colour. Just having that twinkling away in the lounge makes me feel happy. I guess you never really outgrow the magic of sparkly trees and secretively wrapped presents.

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