Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Webby stuff

As most people know, I am reluctantly learning how to update the Sana website. I tend to find the business of typing in commands, checking links, fixing links I broke when I was trying to do other stuff, trying to format pictures, getting the font right etc etc, to be an exercise in tediousness. However, I can also understand that I can't be bugging the website guru every time I decide that I want to change, say, one line, and expect him to just jump to it right now.

Although, if I break something, I'll generally be expected to fix that up, stat. So unfair. ;)

As my webbiness du jour, I have updated the WPC Vanilla profile. I got the new values for this seasons batch and it included minerals, so I have added that and tweaked a few things that were moderately different from the last batch. For all of the back and forth about the benefits or not of dairy, and which whey product is best, the fact is that plain old WPC is really quite full of awesome stuff. Most people don't realise, for example, the level of BCAA's in it.

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