Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Foodcam - Zurich

These are pics from my one day in Zurich at the end of August We had lunch at this little side-street restaurant. There was a item on the menu that looked like a dinosaur bone on a plate and cost over 100 swiss francs. Everything in Zurich is really pricey, but it was still suprising when a group of businesspeople sat down beside us and ordered this super-expensive, possibly paleolithic, thing.. whatever it is. If anyone knows, please comment, I have noooo idea.

San Pelligrino water decked out in Missoni. Of course. Maybe that explains the price.

Veal wurst. Yummy. This is not my lunch, although I did sample it.
This is my lunch. It's some sort of grilled chicken with spices. I would have ordered the wurst, except that I was in the beginnings of some awful flu and was feeling a strange lack of appetite.
This one is some kind of meatloaf. This is Goesta's meal. I think he was wishing he ordered the wurst.

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