Sunday, July 04, 2010

Had to be done... warning - bad language

As an ex-electronic appliance salesperson, I found this video exceptionally funny and disturbingly close to the real life experience of dealing with a certain type of customer. It contains the f-word.


  1. EEE gads that was good!
    My eldest daughter is getting an iphone this coming week... for no better reason than it's the latest 'must have'... she is the twit in the video!

  2. Hey, how do you get the video to show up on your blog? I can only copy and get the link on me blog, not the whole video, so frustrating.

  3. You need to swipe the 'embed' code from YouTube (there's a button below the vid that looks like - click on that). Then you paste it into the 'Edit HTML' tab on your 'new post' window.

    Easy peasy.


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