Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I'm kind of busy right now, with uni stuff, but just to show I care, here is a dose of FOODCAM. By the way, food bloggers don't post enough foodcam these days. I think there's been a rebellion against food obsession and, by elaboration, against food obsessive behaviour like taking pics of it. You won't see any of that around here. Food is beautiful.

Lara bars! I was so thrilled to see new flavours at the organic shop that I .. erm.. over-purchased. I told myself that I'm stocking up for the 30 hour flight. I'm sure part of their success is the cheerful packaging. There are very similar bars here that are in plain packets, but I never buy them.

His and hers. Mine is the one without the nightshade explosion - that is potatoes covered in tomato sauce.
Lunch today. It's a stir fried vege thing with some beef and a hearty dose of home-made almond butter.
The only way to cook a chicken in winter. Rosemary, olive oil, lots of garlic cloves, salt, cover, cook. This is organic, free-range chicken bits, but you could use a whole chicken. It also works with lamb.
Ok, back to head down, bum up, as they say... except, with computers it's head up, bum down, right?

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  1. Right. I'm taking that as a challenge.... Foodcam dinner, coming up! It's a Kylie Kwong recipe too, so you know it's going to be good. :p


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